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Photo: One of my favourite photos: Gloria Swanson amidst the ruins of New York's Roxy Theatre

The 1920's were the pinnacle of the 'dream palace construction. Auckland's Civic Theatre projection 'throw' was little less than that of New York's Roxy theatre

Photo: During the restaurant years

Photo: during Luisillio days, with Galina Wassilewa (right)

at least a safe landing!

Photo: I was such a beautiful baby!

Photo: during the London production of 'Birthday Honours' with Miriam Karlin.

Photo: As the Prince of Wales in a production of 'Kean"

Photo: as Dr Coppelius, Act 2,Delibe's "Coppelia"

Photo: the corner site in January 1929, ready for the construction of the Civic

Jim Manley filmed the construction of the Civic in 1929. It is available on VHS and DVD with the original script and Ron Clark playing the Civic Wurlitzer. check out breaking new re showing of this film!!

Photo: Anna Soutar, FOC archivest and author of 'In Defense of Dreams" with friends

Photo: top of the pile as theatre manager!

Photo: Actor Richard Burghi rubs ther stomach of Ganesh fpr good luck. Once outside my office, it is now usually hidden from view!

Photo: Dancing in the Wintergarden was tried briefly after the restoration

Four different style bands alternated each weekend.

Photo: NZTV Film and TV Awards at the Civic

This remarkable set requied a miniature verion of the proscenium -to fit the frame of the TV cameras. Especially delightful are the two staircases built from the circle to the stage to enable recipients to receive their prize.