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Ma Vie

         This site is primarily to celebrate my years as last manager of Auckland’s Civic Theatre before it was refurbished into a lyric theatre and the wonderful people I knew.

         It was for me a culmination of many years getting to know some wonderful people from my school days to the present. including such as Ormond Burton, Clement Howe, 'Dinny' Schramm, Galina Wassiliewa, Louise Charlton, Adrienne Marie, Tamara Karsavina, Maria Dronke,Stella Karin, Maria Callas, Svetlana Beriosova, Margot Fonteyn, Phillip Chatfield..... to mention just a few, some included in these pages.

        Theatre has been for me quite often a reality.  Early acting, (Playboy of the Western World, Keane, Birthday Honours), food retail (Fuller Fulton, Fortnum and Mason), dancing (NZ and London) restaurants, (Caprice London, Le Normandie Wellington) and the joy of cinema, starting at the St James, Majestic and Regent,Welington, and finally the atmospheric Civic in Auckland.

     A great life -fortunately not yet finished, as many seem to still be interested in hearing me talk of these experiences. The past is another country and I hope these pages can open a door for some to experience those lands......


   The Friends of the Civic was formed in 1989 with the aim of saving Auckland’s Civic Theatre from demolition.  It was a Charitabe Trust and was influential in sacing the Civic from demolition as was advocated by "those that be".

   The Trust was folded in 2016 having fulfilled its task.  The theatre was saved and under the guidance of the Auck;and City Council and some dedicated people comntinues as a major entertainment venue and theatrical icon.

    All that remains of its cinematic years (1929-1999) is the International Film Festival.  Two weeks in July wherein the ghosts of the past are resurrected and the silver screen sparkles with its magic.








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